Who We Are

DANTE (Delawareans Against Nicotine and Tobacco Exposure) is a non-profit group comprised of every young adult in Delaware who takes it upon his or herself not to smoke. DANTE is the faceless entity that embodies the strength and passion of the Delaware community as it fights to make the Eastern shore a cleaner, safer place for its people. If you desire to see DANTE, look in the mirror. If you want to speak to DANTE, talk to your neighbor. If you want to make a difference in your community, DANTE is here to help.


DANTE Mission

To reduce tobacco use among young adults through awareness, prevention and cessation support.


DANTE Vision:

To free Delawareans of tobacco use through awareness, starting with you.


DANTE’s Goals:

  • Delay the onset of tobacco use among young adults
  • Promote cessation among young adults
  • Support nonsmokers exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
  • Identify the disparities related to tobacco and its effects on different population groups
  • Provide a technology based format to improve understanding of the patterns, causes, and health effects of tobacco use
  • Inform community members about the current policy debates in the field of tobacco control

DANTE leaders currently represent young adults ages 18-24 through the state of Delaware. We are actively promoting tobacco awareness on the following campuses: Delaware State University, Delaware Technical Colleges and University of Delaware.